About That Ice Cream Sandwich We Made...Here's How

About That Ice Cream Sandwich We Made...Here's How

For National Ice Cream day on July 19th, we posted a picture of our take on an ice cream sandwich.  Imagine...ice cream sandwiched inside of one of our yummy stroopwafels.  We promised to explain how we did that.  Read on.

And so it begins...

Hello Everyone,

It’s so cool to be sitting here and writing this.

After years of talking about it, my husband and I finally made the decision last year to start our own business. It was something that we had talked about for a long time – but it had always been something for the future. Well…I guess our future is here.

Why Florida?  James and I met in Toronto almost 20 years ago and since then have moved around North America with our careers. We have had the opportunity to move to different cities across the US, getting the chance to experience new places and make new friends. In late 2012 we made the decision to move ourselves to Central Florida.

I have always had a creative streak (just ask my sister about some of her childhood presents…) and have always loved to cook and bake. These cookies really started because I wanted to be able to make them for friends and family, and the best cookie exchange ever in Pasadena, California (thanks Liza, Lynne, and Kerri!) That creative streak kicked in as I tried to perfect the recipes and my techniques. In the beginning we never thought these would become a business – I just had a lot of fun making them - and everyone else had a lot of fun eating them.

After an unexpected illness with a family member and major career changes we decided to move to Orlando. It would be our 2nd time living here, and we looked forward to being back with some good friends and sunshine. It was a breath of fresh air and a move we are so glad we made. (I’ll tell you why Orlando is so cool in an upcoming post…)

As my job with my previous employer wrapped up in 2014, we started talking about cookies. Could we make this a business?

AND so we started planning. We came up with ideas, and then scrapped them. We created spreadsheets and project plans and word documents and researched the rules. We have met cool people to help us with things like a name, logo, and website. Thanks Danelle, Christa, Bryce and everyone that is helping us get over this starting line.

As I finish typing our first blog post, I am just a little scared but mostly very excited that we are here, right now, doing this.

And so it begins. Thanks for joining us!