What an awesome month it has been...

Yeah stroopwafels!

Yesterday at 6pm we completed our 1 month pop up at East End Market. From June 15th to July 17th we occupied the Fatto in Casa space with Flour Life Bakery. This gave us the chance to bring our stroopwafel baking from the upstairs kitchen into the main hall of East End Market. I like to think the smell of freshly made stroopwafels is something that no one can resist – and we jumped at the opportunity to be front and center with the stroopwafel iron at the ready.


It was also a fun opportunity to try out some other Dutch cookies – like speculaas and kniepertjes-  as well as my take on Jos. Louis, a Canadian lunch box cake comprised of chocolate sponge cake with vanilla cream filling, all coated in chocolate. I have to give Marcella at Lineage a shout out for alerting every French Canadian she knows to their existence!

We even had a chance to test out lemon bars made with stroopwafel edges and stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches. The Original Stroopwafel with Kelly’s Homemade Cinnamon Crunch Ice Cream was certainly a fan favorite!

I scream you scream - stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches!

I also learned how to more efficiently wash out the dishwasher and what size kitchen clogs NOT to buy (I hope my feet forgive me for that.)

Over the course of the month we had the opportunity to meet so many different people and participate in some really wonderful events. I appreciate all of the folks that stopped by to give our cookies a try. Some were excited to find Dutch cookies made locally, others had no idea what we were selling but were willing to try something new. Nothing made me happier than to have someone come back to tell me how much they liked one of our cookies. That feedback means so much to us small business folks, and I really want to thank everyone for showing us your love – both in person and on social media. That small gesture means so much.

We were also luck enough to be a part of the various events that occurred at East End Market and Audubon Park District during our tenure. The Bastille Day Celebrations (“The People” want a baguette fencing rematch…), Audubon Park Sip and Stroll, and the Food and Wine Unite Event hosted by chefs Kevin Fonzo and Jamie McFadden. To see so many great people come together for that event was just amazing.

One of the things that struck me most was the support we got. A major reason we chose to move back to Central Florida in 2012 was the growing reputation of the food scene here.  From chefs to farmers to bakers to foodies. From big name chefs to small first time entrepreneurs -  Orlando feels like a place of growth and optimism. It feels like a community of people looking forward – and I love that. I was also overwhelmed by the number of people that came by to show us their support, like Stacey Tomljenovich from P is for Pie, and Kathy Palva from Heartsong Cookies (even though her yummy cookies are next door at Houndstooth we still got hugs!) Thanks to Emily Rankin of Local Roots for making sure everyone knew we had ice cream sandwiches for the July 4th celebration (after I realized my sign was far too tiny and no one could see it…) and everyone at East End for being such wonderful neighbors and partners and supporters. Packing up yesterday felt a little like leaving an apartment at the end of graduation –a little sad – but also exciting about what might be next for us.

Thank you East End Market and Audubon Park for welcoming us into your community. We really appreciate it.