Farewell to the Intern

I wanted to take the time to say thank you to Gezellig Cookies for giving me such an amazing opportunity this summer. Not only was I able to learn the ins and outs of a small business, but I now have the knowledge and ability to market one. I'm grateful to have learned from them the past two months and will take this knowledge with me into my future endeavors. Among probably eating too many cookies, I have developed skills that have helped me become more clear in what career path i'd like to continue down and where I see myself after graduation. I am so excited to see where they take these stroopwafels in the coming years, and no matter what new cookies or recipes come about, cocoa spelt will always have my heart.
Signing off,
Madison Schiefelbein (also referred to as the intern)

What an awesome month it has been...

What an awesome month it has been...

Yesterday at 6pm we completed our 1 month pop up at East End Market. From June 15th to July 17th we occupied the Fatto in Casa space with Flour Life Bakery. This gave us the chance to bring our stroopwafel baking from the upstairs kitchen into the main hall of East End Market. I like to think the smell of freshly made stroopwafels is something that no one can resist – and we jumped at the opportunity to be front and center with the stroopwafel iron at the ready.


As a part of the stroopwafel baking process, the fresh cookies are cut out into perfect round circles, leaving the “ends” or “edges". Many a friend, family member, or coworker has fought over them. We used to stash them in the freezer and eat them as an after dinner treat or use them to top off our bowl of yogurt in the morning.

In addition to eating these yummy edges straight from the bag, you can also grind them up and use them in recipes. Make crusts, crackers, crumbles and more. Over the coming months we will share recipes with you on how to make your own delicious treats from our delicious treats.

Each recipe will contain time it will take to make them - the actual time by a first time maker rather then how long it takes a professional chef. We will also rate difficulty by number of stroopwafels. Watch this space!


1 stroopwafel  = Very Easy. Minimal ingredients and less than 30 minutes        from start to finish.

2 stroopwafels = Easy. Minimal ingredients, less than 1 hour to make.

3 stroopwafels= Some Difficulty. Requires additional technique and/or ingredients. Less than 1.5 hours to make.

4 stroopwafels=Greater Difficulty. Requires additional technique and/or ingredients. More than 1.5 hours to make.

Meet our intern

Meet our intern, Madison Schiefelbein! Madison is going into her Senior Year at Florida State, University, majoring in Communications with a minor in Business. In Tallahassee, she is a part of the Greek life community, three honor societies, and works two part time jobs.

For one, she works as the Marketing Coordinator for Smoothie King Tallahassee. She is the main contact for any catering orders, events around the community, or promotional material. She has coordinated events with FSU's Athletic Department as well as participated in Dance Marathon, one of the biggest events held at Florida State every year. She runs all social media accounts for Smoothie King and puts together giveaways and promotions for students at Florida State.

She also works for the Florida State College of Communication & Information Advising Office as the Head Receptionist, working first hand with students as well as the Dean. This job is fast paced and hands on, she has worked here for a year and plans to finish through her Senior Year at both jobs.

For us, Madison is helping run our existing social media accounts as well as establish new social media accounts for us, such as Snapchat and Pinterest. Her favorite stroopwafel is the Cocoa Spelt and she's so excited to be a part of our team!